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How Can I Tell If My Garage Coating Is Anti-slip?

One of the best design trends right now is garage floor coating. However, there's a misconception that garage floor coating makes floors slippery. This can’t be farther from the truth.

Generally, garage floor coatings are not slippery when they're dry. It's only bound to be slippery when wet. The good thing is that there are different anti-slip additives that your contractor can add to the coating, giving an aesthetically pleasing and skid-resistant floor.
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At DecoCrete Services LLC, we offer top-quality garage coating services. We use a polyaspartic coating, which is very strong and versatile. Our team will ensure that your garage floor coating will have anti-slip additives, making your floor safer for your family—especially if you have kids. Schedule a consultation today by calling (941) 405-3231.

Not All Garage Coatings Are Anti-slip

While anti-slip additives are available to make your garage floor skid-resistant, it is not used every time. If your main concern is how slippery your garage floor gets when it’s wet, the best thing to do is to enlist the services of a concrete contractor who can provide you with a wide array of anti-slip additive solutions like DecoCrete Services LLC.

Anti-slip Coating Can be Added To a One-day Polyaspartic Garage Floor

Epoxy is the most common choice when it comes to the garage floor coating. However, there is an alternative coating called polyaspartic garage coatings. Polyaspartic garage coating is a non-porous material that makes it extremely smooth, but with an anti-slip surface. It is glossy while still being skid resistant. This option is incredibly sturdy and cures faster, making the installation only a one-day process.

Adding Anti-slip Doesn’t Change the Drying Time of the Concrete Coating

Anti-slip additives don’t affect the curing process of your garage floor coatings. Whether you opt to have these solutions added to the coating mixture or not, the curing process won’t change. That’s why you must find a reliable contractor that is an expert in adding these additives to the coating—giving you an extra layer of safety.

Always Ensure You Hire a Reputable Concrete Contractor That Knows How to Add a Slip-resistant Coating to Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor

To ensure that you won’t just have a garage floor that looks good but is slip-resistant, only enlists a reputable contractor’s services. While polyaspartic garage floors are pleasing to the eye, it requires a non-slip finish to improve the safety of your garage. Only a contractor with ample experience like DecoCrete Services LLC will be able to deliver that.

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DecoCrete Services LLC is a highly trusted concrete contractor in Sarasota, Florida. We offer a wide variety of garage concrete floor coatings that allow you to find the best option for your garage. We will ensure that your floor will have top-quality anti-slip additive solutions, ensuring that you won’t slip on your floor even when it’s wet.

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