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Osprey, Florida, is a small town in Sarasota county with a fantastic suburban feel that is perfect for easy Florida living. The city boasts a highly rated public school district and has fantastic parks and restaurants for leisurely weekends and evenings. Although small in population, residents in the city can enjoy any of the multiple outdoor getaways Osprey has to offer, from Turtle Beach to Lake Osprey and more.

Sarasota County is known for having gorgeous, mild weather all year long, which makes it perfect for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Especially their pools and backyards. One of the best ways to renovate a drab outdoors is by adding decorative concrete. DecoCrete Services provides top decorative concrete services in Osprey, FL.

Premium Concrete Services in Osprey, FL

Decorative Concrete in Osprey, FL

DecoCrete is a decorative concrete contractor in Osprey, FL. We are passionate about our work and love taking plain gray concrete and turning it into art! Our team devotes itself to efficiency, communication, and quality with every service we offer. We are backed by years of professional experience and dedication and can guarantee that there is no better decorative concrete company in Osprey.

Pool Deck Repair and Resurfacing

Living in Osprey means you’ll want to spend lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather by your pool. Dangerous, unsightly cracks are the last thing you want to worry about. We ensure that your concrete pool deck is safe and beautiful, ready for both family use and entertaining guests. 

Like all of our services, our pool deck renovations are done quickly and efficiently, with decorative concrete, which means you won’t waste any time before jumping back into the pool!

Outdoor Patios

Patio spaces are essential for Osprey homeowners, and we want to make sure yours looks and feels comfortable and welcoming. Our decorative concrete restorations are sure to step up your outdoor patio’s look. 

We also take care to make sure that cracks are filled and have a variety of concrete services to choose from that will take your patio to the next level. Concrete resurfacing in Osprey is one of the most cost-effective and simplest ways to transform your concrete patio.

Resurfacing Driveways

Cracks in the driveway are not only unsightly but unsafe for children, pets, and even your car tires. We offer driveway resurfacing options to ensure that your driveway stays intact for the long term. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can increase your home’s curb appeal by choosing decorative concrete resurfacing Osprey, FL and turning your unsightly driveway into a work of art.

Resurfacing Garages

We offer garage resurfacing services to renovate the floors in one of the most used parts of the home! Whether you use your garage for storage, working out, or parking your cars, we’ll guarantee that your garage floor is renovated, updated, and protected. Our 3 step Polyaspartic method is durable, customizable, and easy to maintain.

High-Quality Concrete Coating for Any Project

No matter what sort of project you have in mind, a high-quality concrete coating can improve it. Our Polyaspartic concrete coatings turn messy garages into beautiful structures you will want to come home to. We can transform boring old concrete into a work of art that is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting at very competitive pricing.

One Day Garage Flooring

We specialize in one-day garage resurfacing with our highest quality Polyaspartic floor coating. Our garage floor coating is a strong and durable three-layer Polyaspartic system, which ensures that your garage will be protected and easy to clean for the long run! Plus, the service is done quickly and easily in only one day. There isn’t a better way to improve your garage’s flooring.

Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Our concrete epoxy flooring is a definite upgrade from your old, gray concrete. Our floors are waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable. Additionally, our flooring comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to truly customize the new flooring of your garage, patio, pool deck, and more! We ensure that all of our flooring services are done to last and look great.

THE Best Industrial Concrete Polishing Services Near You

We offer a wide range of concrete polishing services that are sure to last and boost the appearance of your home. Our services include acid staining, concrete dyeing, and even tinted sealers. These are quick and easy services that add an edge to your flooring in no time. Call DecoCrete Services for the best decorative concrete contractor in Osprey at (941) 400-1755, or get in touch with our local experts for a concrete coating quote. We’re available to answer your questions and concerns 24/7/365 – Contact us today! Osprey Service Areas: 34229.

Top Concrete Polishing & Grinding Solutions in Osprey

Polished concrete amplifies the look of any outdoor space and is incredibly trendy among homeowners right now. We offer high-quality and professional polishing and grinding services that will give your concrete a smooth, shiny, and sleek appearance that is easy to clean and maintain. Our team can take any drab concrete surface and amplify its look quickly and easily!

Osprey Decorative Concrete Solutions

Resurfaced concrete is an eye-catching and unique way to boost the appearance of any outdoor service, especially for pool decks and patios. It comes in many decorative designs, from aged cobblestone to brickwork and more! Our decorative concrete services are just one of many ways you can make your home look more unique and attractive.

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