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Who We Are

My Background

I grew up working in Construction. My father ran a Painting & Drywall business my entire life. Because of that I have always enjoyed working with my hands finding creative ways to show my skills. Woodworking was my first passion. I dedicated many years of my life to learning carpentry, building cabinets, installing trim, and making furniture.

But when I was offered a summer job, acid staining new concrete slabs,  I then fell in love with the industry of decorative concrete. We took plain gray concrete and completely transformed it to become a gorgeous finished product resembling marble! We would score patterns such as tile or wood planks, stain with vibrant colors, mix to create beautiful color variations, and then seal for protection.

In the past 12 years, my experience and understanding of the trade has evolved, by learning many other techniques of treating existing concrete surfaces. All of these techniques are now offered by DecoCrete Services. I love my work because it is not just a job, but it’s my art-form.

My goal with DecoCrete, is to continue to improve our efficiency and attention to detail...

The Team

In order to meet these goals, we maintain a small operation in a limited service area. Our handful of employees feel part of a family atmosphere with common goals. One particular obstacle these days is to find hard working, reliable, employees with core values and morals. We are very particular with who we hire and allow to be a part of our team. We take good care of our team, understanding that if they feel cared for and safe, they’ll take good care of our customers in turn.

Another important ingredient to the success of our team, is the proper tools and products. Finding quality products built to last, is not always easy, especially here in Florida. Fortunately with many years of experience, weeding out the inferior, we’ve committed ourselves to only providing our customers with the best. This is why we are able to provide a limited lifetime warranty for many of our systems, and extended warranties for the others. We want to be the last flooring you ever install.  

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