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Are you looking to add a sense of glamour to your floors? Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to restore concrete floors and bring a unique character to your interior spaces.

You can also use epoxy flooring on top of existing tile, wood, or laminate flooring to protect it from stains and scratches while adding extra strength that will last you many years!

Ensuring that every project is specifically tailored to be as unique as your home is our main goal as epoxy floor installers. Call DecoCrete Services today for a free estimate at (941) 400-1755.

Epoxy flooring is a popular solution to refurbish or restore concrete flooring as garage floors, among other surfaces. It is durable, strong, and cost-effective.
Epoxy flooring is a special type of topcoat used to make concrete flooring more durable, slip-free, and custom to your aesthetics. This floor solution is stain and scuff-resistant and is perfect for flooring in garages, kitchens, industrial warehouses, and offices.
If you have a home or business in Sarasota, FL, and are looking for “epoxy flooring near me” to renovate old worn-out concrete, DecoCrete Services has been providing epoxy flooring services in Sarasota to many residences and commercial spaces for over 12 years.

The Benefits of Getting Epoxy Floors For Your Home or Business

If you choose epoxy flake flooring in Sarasota, you will quickly see the many benefits. Homeowners and businesses alike opt for epoxy flooring specialists because of the advantages it has this floor system over other types of flooring.
Epoxy flooring comes in various types.
Flake epoxy flooring is a popular floor solution to refurbish or restore concrete flooring. It is durable, strong, and cost-effective. Flake Epoxy flooring is a special type of coating used to make concrete flooring more durable, slip-free, and custom to your aesthetics. It is stain and scuff-resistant and is perfect for flooring in garages, kitchens, industrial warehouses, and offices.
Metallic epoxy is another popular choice for homes and businesses in Sarasota, FL. This floor solution has a high shine that is heat-resistant and scuff-resistant. Metallic epoxy in Sarasota, FL has become more and more popular in modern home designs.
With a huge variety of colors, designs, and patterns, you can go from simple to elaborate by choosing from multiple tones and finishes. Businesses in Sarasota opt for designing epoxy flooring with custom logos and colors that benefit their brand.
Epoxy flooring can handle wear and tear and withstand spills, leaks from vehicles, and high foot traffic.
Want to get epoxy floors on your garage, interior floors or business? Call us at (941) 400-1755 to get a free epoxy quote!

Why Are Epoxy Floors So Popular?

One of the best traits of epoxy flooring in Sarasota is how versatile it is. It works perfectly for commercial flooring but also suits residential aesthetics and design. It’s UV resistant, which is perfect for year-round sunny Florida climates. 
One of the more popular uses of epoxy flooring is in garages or industrial settings where the flooring must withstand heavy traffic. However, businesses such as restaurants, and homeowners are now embracing epoxy as an excellent floor coating because of its versatility.
Epoxy flooring can be smooth and shiny or textured, such as epoxy flake flooring. This is ideal for commercial areas, such as the kitchens in a restaurant or warehouses. It can also be excellent for entrances and lobbies in buildings.

Choosing a Custom Epoxy Floor Design to Upgrade Home’s Resale Value

Choosing epoxy coatings for a residence can increase the home’s value. Not to mention, it is a very streamlined flooring option. More and more homes in Sarasota are looking to install epoxy flooring, not just because it is cool, but also because among floor solutions, this one is very durable and easy to maintain.
When cleaning epoxy flooring in Sarasota, FL, you don’t need to invest in heavy machinery or products to maintain its shine. Epoxy flooring is scuff-resistant and will maintain a high gloss shine without the elbow grease. An epoxy coating is affordable, durable, and easy to maintain, making it a no-brainer when considering investing in your home.
Even if you won’t be selling soon, epoxy lasts so long that it is something you can do now, even if you aren’t looking to increase your home’s value right. You will be able to enjoy it, and if you do sell it, it’ll still be in excellent condition. That’s how durable epoxy flooring is.
With decades of experience as an epoxy floor company, DecoCrete Services will install the perfect epoxy flooring for your Sarasota home or business.

Looking for a Commercial or Residential Epoxy Floor Installer in Sarasota, FL?

When hiring an epoxy floor company to handle the application for you, you should take your time to make the right choice. Look at things like Google reviews, social media, and past projects. 
At DecoCrete Services, we are confident will provide you with the best epoxy flooring in Sarasota. How can you stay sure, also? Look at our past projects to see the floor designs we can make using epoxy.
Epoxy is a no-brainer if you are looking for a beautiful flooring option that is high shine, and trendy, but also easy to maintain. It transforms the look of your home at a fraction of the price of other flooring options
With over 12 years of experience in the business of epoxy floor installers, DecoCrete Services will provide you with the level of customer service you come to expect from a Sarasota family-owned business.
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Epoxy Flooring FAQ

Because epoxy is quite different from other flooring materials, you may have some lingering questions before making your final decision. Here’s a look at some of the frequently asked questions people have about epoxy flooring in Sarasota.

Epoxy flake coating includes vinyl chips that can add color or a specific design to the flooring once poured. It is common to use it to create faux stone looks, such as quartz or granite. It provides you with an option for a more stylish floor that will never fade or peel like paint and costs far less than stone.

This flooring is very durable. It will hold up to a lot of use. However, if there is a heavy impact, it can scratch or suffer other damage. Garage floor epoxy or that in industrial settings are more likely to have this occur.

You can expect this flooring to outlast other types of materials. It can last up to 30 years, depending on the use. In commercial settings, due to high usage, it may last up to three years. If you seal it, you will extend its life.

When it dries, epoxy flooring is stiff and hard. This makes it extremely durable, but it can also be prone to cracks if the concrete underneath it cracks. This may occur as the concrete expands and contracts due to temperature changes. 

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