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How Long Does Pool Deck Resurfacing Last?

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Pool deck resurfacing allows homeowners to completely transform and revitalize their outdoor spaces, giving them a brand-new look while also improving the safety and function of their pool.

This process involves repairing or replacing damaged areas of the pool deck, applying a new finish to the entire deck area, and installing new accessories such as decking tiles and railings. Before beginning to plan a pool resurfacing project, it’s essential to take the time to understand the available options and components involved in the process.


Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Many factors can impact the overall cost of a pool resurfacing project, including the pool’s size, the property’s location, and the amount of custom work needed to complete the project. The most commonly used options for pool resurfacing include concrete pavers, stamped concrete, fiberglass, and tile. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that can significantly impact the overall design, durability, and cost.


Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Concrete pavers are one of the most popular pool deck materials because of their versatility and durability. They are solid slabs experts install over the pool area to provide a stable surface for walking and other outdoor activities. The concrete pavers are available in various colors that contractors can customize to match the color scheme of the pool and surrounding landscape. Homeowners can even customize them to fit the design of an existing swimming pool.


Other Options

Other popular options include stamped concrete and tile. Both options are durable and customizable, but the costs associated with installing these materials can be much higher than those related to concrete pavers. For example, stamping a concrete pool deck involves pouring a concrete mix over the pool deck and then imprinting a pattern or image into the surface using a stamper. Once the design is in the concrete, contractors let it dry for a few days and then sand it down to a smooth finish.


How Long Will the Deck Last?

The deck’s lifespan will vary depending on the material used in the pool resurfacing project. For example, concrete pavers are highly durable and typically last many years without needing repairs or replacement. Stamped concrete can also last a long time if homeowners properly maintain the surface and reseal it regularly.

Tile is another material commonly used for pool decks but is generally more fragile than concrete and is, therefore, more likely to require repairs or replacement over time. Typically, a concrete pool deck can last between ten and twenty years without requiring repair or replacement.


Pool Deck Resurfacing Near Me

Pool deck refinishing can be a cost-effective way to give an old or worn deck a new lease on life without completely replacing the entire deck. The experts at DecoCrete Services LLC can inspect your pool deck and provide professional recommendations for restoring the deck to like-new condition.

In addition to pool concrete resurfacing, they can repair or replace pool deck coatings for concrete and perform other cosmetic repairs. Call DecoCrete Services LLC at (941) 400-1755 to schedule a consultation and find the best concrete pool deck resurfacing near me.

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