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5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Pool Deck Resurfacing Contractor Before It’s Too Late!

pool deck resurfacing
Pools are great for summertime fun, but what happens when that pool deck starts to show its age? The result is usually a cracked and faded surface, which doesn’t look very inviting. If you’re noticing signs of wear on your pool deck, it’s time to search for a pool deck resurfacing company before the situation becomes worse!

This blog post will outline five warning signs that you should call someone in now for a professional estimate.
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You can’t walk on the surface without shoes because it’s too slippery

For example, if the water in your pool is cloudy or dirty, then there are contaminants in it that will make your surface slick and unsafe for you and your guests. A pool deck resurfacing contractor will replace these materials with new ones with ultimate slip resistance so that everyone can enjoy the area again!

When your pool deck has sharp edges or rough surfaces that cause cuts or scratches

Pool decks are about the color of the paint and how they feel against your feet. Traditional painting techniques are not enough to repair these damages and will need concrete pool deck resurfacing to remove all loose debris and restore its original condition.  A pool deck resurfacing contractor will be able to replace the surface with new materials that are more durable, not as harsh on your feet, and look better for an extended period.

Uneven or bowed deck surfaces due to poor construction practices

If you want your pool area to look like it was done right, then you need the help of someone who knows what they are doing. It takes more than just laying down some new boards and painting them; there needs to be proper drainage around the edges for water not to accumulate. 

Mold and algae are common issues in pools. They can be caused by various factors, such as improper chlorination or high levels of sunlight. A pool deck resurfacing contractor will clean up the mold and algae and remove any unsightly dirt or stains that may have accumulated. They will then apply a fresh coat of sealant to your pool. All this work is done professionally, quickly, and with an eye for detail. 

You notice that when you walk on the deck, it sounds hollow underneath your feet because of moisture seeping through cracks

When you have a hollow sound when walking over it, don’t wait until there are cracks in the flooring. A pool deck resurfacing contractor has several formulations in its arsenal to help solve this problem. A polyurethane resin mixed with a catalyst will fill these voids as well encapsulate loose soil, so there’s no worry about water leaking into unwanted spaces anymore

Your neighbors’ houses have new decks, and yours doesn’t – it’s time for a pool deck resurfacing!

The ultimate summertime accessory for your backyard is a pool area with an expertly designed pool deck. It’s easy to find one that matches your personality best with many different colors and textures to choose from. The most important part about pool deck resurfacing is making sure that you use authentic materials with high-quality workmanship for optimum results.

Looking for a professional contractor to resurface a pool deck? Call DecoCrete Services LLC for custom, durable, and worthy pool deck resurfacing services in Sarasota.

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