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Ready to give your concrete floors, patios, and driveways a polished look? Our experts will apply a protective coating that preserves the integrity of your existing surfaces while protecting them from future damage. We offer stain protection for all types of concrete surfaces. Concrete staining is a beautiful way to enhance the look of plain, dull-looking floors. It adds color, texture, and depth that will make your surface pop! Our concrete staining and dyeing services can be used on any Sarasota driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, and more. Get in touch with us today for an estimate. Call DecoCrete Services at (941) 405-3231.

Concrete staining is a beautiful way to enhance the look of plain concrete surfaces. Unlike paint, which does not last long, stained concrete is durable, decorative, and weather-resistant when sealed. 

DecoCrete Services provides concrete staining services throughout Sarasota, Florida. Whether you need staining, polishing, or coating for your surfaces, we’re here to help.

Benefits Of Stained Concrete for Homes

There are many benefits of having stained concrete in your home. One of the most significant advantages is that your concrete will not need replacement and won’t fade. Stained concrete will cover up any cracks in the surface, and will prevent future scratches from appearing even in high-traffic areas. 

You can create a unique decorative effect in any room for an economical cost with stained concrete. It is not only easily customizable, but it adds value and an aesthetic appeal to your home. 

Stained concrete also holds up against humidity and moisture. It is resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mites, unlike hardwood or carpet. It is extremely durable and low maintenance as well.

Get long-lasting vibrant designs and colors of your choice for your concrete surfaces. Get a free consultation today by calling us!

Give Any Concrete Floors, Patios & Driveways A Polished Look With Concrete Stain Application

Concrete stains can protect high-traffic surfaces in both commercial and industrial areas. It can turn any floor or walkway into an attractive and long-lasting surface. 

Using a combination of stains can create a patterned or decorative look that can increase the value of your property and liven the aesthetic of your space. Give any concrete surface a polished look by applying a stain or dye.

Choosing the Right Concrete Stain Colors for Homes and Businesses in Sarasota, FL

The right color for your concrete staining depends on your personal preference. You may want your concrete to match the existing color scheme in your house or business. That said, many businesses and homeowners prefer neutral tones because the concrete stain is permanent. 

Outdoor concrete stains are most commonly applied on driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Popular indoor areas for concrete stains are garage floors, kitchen countertops, vertical surfaces, and flooring in family rooms, retail stores, offices, diners, cafeterias, and more.

Your Source for the Best Concrete Staining in Sarasota, FL

There are two types of stains for concrete: acid and water. Acid stains permanently color concrete as long as it is sealed because it reacts chemically to the material. They mainly come in earth-tone colors, which can be limiting. However, more color options have recently begun to emerge, expanding your choices. 

Unlike acid, water-based stains come in a wide variety of colors. It acts more like a paint that bonds the concrete surface rather than being absorbed like acid stains. Water-based stains also give you more control over how you want the color to look.

Contact the Most Trusted Concrete Stain Contractors in Sarasota, FL

At DecoCrete Services, we aim to provide high-quality customer service. With concrete staining, Sarasota, FL has some unique challenges because of the humidity and weather. At DecoCrete, we know the importance of doing the flooring job right and using high-quality products to do so. 

We stay in direct contact with customers throughout the entire process, and we pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail on all of our projects. We have built up our reputation as professional, reliable, and efficient concrete stain contractors. 

We have a hardworking team of reliable employees that use quality products to do a job. We ensure you receive the best we can provide with our lifetime or extended warranties for many of our systems. 

Our services include garage floor coatings, epoxy flooring, acrylic textures, concrete resurfacing, and concrete polishing and staining to bring beauty and life to your surfaces. Call us to get a free quote.

Concrete Staining Q&A

Looking for more information? Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions regarding concrete staining. 

Staining concrete can vary greatly due to several factors. A basic concrete stain application with minimal surface preparation and a single stain color will cost between $2 to $4 per square foot. Professional concrete staining contractors will generally charge between $7 to $15 per square foot. 

For more complicated, high-end jobs that require hand-applied stains or stencil work, it can cost up to $25 per square foot.

Water and acid-based stains can stain existing concrete, whether it is plain or colored. What determines whether the concrete can be stained or not is the surface’s condition. 

If there is any grime, coatings, glues, sealers, or curing membranes, they will prevent the stain from saturating into the concrete and developing into its full color.

Concrete stains create chemical reactions with the calcium hydroxide found in concrete. They penetrate the concrete’s surface and add permanent color that creates unique marbling effects. 

On the other hand, concrete dyes create color by soaking into the pores of the concrete or other surfaces. It is nonreactive and allows for deeper color saturation without leaving much surface residue. It dries quickly; however, it is not UV stable.

Stains penetrate the surface of the concrete to create long-lasting and durable color. If the concrete is prepared properly and applied correctly, the stain will not peel, chip, or fade for a long time.

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