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Here are Good Reasons Why Concrete Sealing is Recommended for Your Florida Home

Sealing Concrete is an Integral part of concrete maintenance. It helps prevent staining, make cleaning easier, prevents mold and mildew, prevents discoloration and increases concrete lifespan.

Here are Some Important Reasons to Consider Concrete Sealing

Sealing concrete is a critical part of maintaining it. Failure to seal a concrete surface in a Florida home exposes it to various problems, including staining, cracking, and water damage.

Concrete Sealing Project in Sarasota FL

DecoCrete Services, a reputable concrete contractor, outlines six reasons why it is crucial to seal the exterior and interior concrete surfaces. These reasons are necessary to keep your concrete surfaces pristine and well-kept since proper concrete sealing installation is vital for it to work effectively.

To Prevent Stains

Concrete sealing helps prevent staining. The porous nature of concrete surfaces makes them all prone to staining. Water-based stains are usually easy to remove by simple scrubbing or pressure washing. 

However, oil-based stains like those from paint thinner or motor oil usually penetrate deep into the surface. As a result, they are more challenging to remove. 

Applying concrete sealers prevents such stubborn stains from penetrating the pores of concrete surfaces.

To Make Cleaning Easier

Sealing concrete creates a protective layer on the surface, making it easier to clean. Removing dirt and debris is one of the significant challenges of cleaning unsealed concrete surfaces. 

This task can be more difficult for homeowners with pets or children that track mud, sand, and other debris into the house. Removing stains, especially red wine stains, is also tougher on unsealed concrete due to its porous nature. 

To Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew usually grow on concrete surfaces that remain wet for prolonged periods. Since concrete is porous, it absorbs moisture and water. The humidity will result in mold formation if it doesn’t have enough dry time. 

The growth may lead to the appearance of unsightly green spots on the concrete floor. Applying even a thin coat of concrete sealer can keep the surface clean and dry, preventing mold growth. 

To Enhance the Color

The exposure of a concrete surface to the elements increases the risk of discoloration. Discolored concrete surfaces look older and unattractive. 

A highly penetrating sealer can keep your concrete color intact. Therefore, a sealer keeps it looking clean and radiant for as long as possible.

To Increase Its Lifespan

Concrete surfaces often take a lot of beating from foot traffic, pets running around, extreme weather, vehicle traffic, and other elements. Therefore, finding ways to enhance these surfaces’ durability is essential.

Sealing is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve that resilience. Besides giving the concrete surface a seamless look, applying the sealer ensures it can handle anything thrown at it for years. 

Protects Against the Elements

A sealer protects the concrete surface from various elements that can cause damage. These elements include chemicals, oil, grease, salt, UV rays, moisture, and weather exposure. 

Sealing the concrete prevents moisture and other elements from penetrating beneath the surface. During the winter, water can seep below the concrete surface. There, it may freeze and expand, leading to cracking.

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You can only enjoy the advantages of sealing concrete when you leave the task to an experienced contractor. DecoCrete Services LLC is the go-to expert for residential and commercial concrete sealing services in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas. 

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