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Want A Beautiful, Durable & Low Maintenance Epoxy Floor? Read This First!

By having epoxy floors, homeowners will rest easy, knowing that their floors will continue to look even in the most high-traffic areas!

Want A Beautiful, Durable & Low Maintenance Epoxy Floor? Read This First!

Because floors line the entirety of a property, how they look can leave an impression. It’d be challenging for any homeowner to convince buyers and tenants that their home is well-maintained and worthy of living. However, if their floors look old and dull, then buyers will hesitate to buy that property.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

For homeowners who want to revamp their floors, investing in epoxy flooring is a great option. The process involves dumping epoxy coating directly onto the concrete. They are followed by using a paint roller or squeegee to smooth out the coating. The products used in epoxy flooring are self-leveling. This means that these create consistent treatment and remove any air bubbles. 

Epoxy Flooring Is a Great Option for Those Looking To Create an Industrial, Sleek Look In Their Home

Different homeowners have different goals for the aesthetics of their properties. While some prefer to stick to a minimalist design, others want to achieve an industrial look. 

For homeowners who prefer the latter, garage epoxy flooring is a highly recommended option. Because of its high gloss finish and clean appearance, epoxy flooring is a must to achieve a modern industrial look in any home! 

The Cost of Epoxy Flooring Varies Depending on the Size and Design You Want

Epoxy flooring can improve the ambiance and appearance of any property, including the garage floors. Garage floors have many different requirements and if you want to ensure that yours is up to par, then it’s time to invest in a coatings system. 

Garage floor coatings are a great way to rejuvenate your garage and improve the longevity of your floor. However, most homeowners think of the cost before installing them. Homeowners often budget when it comes to home renovation projects. 

The cost of epoxy flooring varies depending on different factors, namely the size of the property and the design homeowners want to have. On average, quality epoxy flooring costs around $3 to $7 per square foot. Applying epoxy floor coatings to a two-car or three-car garage floor can cost at least $1,320 and $2,112, respectively. 

With epoxy flooring, homeowners can choose a wide variety of designs for their floors. They can have floors that mimic the appearance of sandy beaches, marbled surfaces, and even floral patterns. Generally, the more complex the pattern is, the more expensive epoxy flooring can get.

Durability and Low Maintenance Are Some of the Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring brings more benefits than improving the appearance of the floors in a property. As long as installed by professionals, epoxy flooring is very durable. The chemical compounds applied to the concrete surface can create an impact-resistant floor. This will allow the floors to handle the heat, shock, and even heavy machinery without homeowners worrying about cracks. 

Because epoxy floors are resistant to stains and water, maintaining them is a breeze. With this kind of flooring, homeowners will only have to sweep daily in high-traffic areas or once a week for lower-traffic areas. 

Aside from this, epoxy flooring is also slip-resistant, covers defects on the floors, and is long-lasting. Epoxy flooring is even eco-friendly because it doesn’t need to be replaced continuously. This uses fewer materials for its installation. 

It’s Important To Have the Right Type of Flooring Installed in Rooms With High Traffic, Like Kitchens or Family Rooms

Floors installed in high-traffic areas of the house are easily damaged. Kitchens and family rooms receive more guests than other rooms. This is why these areas develop scratches, dents, cracks, stains, molds, and even water immersion. 

Epoxy flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas around the house. As mentioned, epoxy flooring is durable and water-resistant. These outstanding properties of epoxy can protect floors from spills and other harsh chemicals. If you are looking for protective epoxy flooring systems, then polyaspartic coatings may be a perfect choice. Polyaspartic is a coating applied to concrete and other surfaces to protect them from the elements. Its benefits include increased durability, low maintenance costs, and an attractive finish.

By having epoxy floors, homeowners will rest easy, knowing that their floors will continue to look even in the most high-traffic areas!

Speak With Your Contractor About What Type of Underlayment Is Best for Your Home or Business

To ensure that epoxy flooring lasts long-term, homeowners should consult experienced contractors first. When you decide to install epoxy flooring, let the contractors determine what type of underlayment works best for you. 

With their help, existing floors won’t get damaged, and homeowners can save money on unnecessary repairs. 

Hire Professionals — Never DIY

Investing in epoxy flooring is both cost-effective and visually pleasing. It provides countless benefits. For one, epoxy flooring turns any floor into a seamless, cleanable surface, saving homeowners time and effort from cleaning. Epoxy flooring is also durable and leaves a polished appearance. 

For homeowners interested in installing epoxy flooring, it’s best to hire an experienced professional. For the best quality epoxy flooring designs and patterns, hire a trusted company such as DecoCrete Services LLC. They have the experience and heavy equipment to apply epoxy flooring to any property professionally and fast!  

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